Thuy try to take money from feng shui


Almost anyone in life is also unavoidable cases of misfortune or bad luck clinging. The snout or the feng shui feng shui is a sacred feng shui sacred, can help you neutralize bad luck and increase the chances of luck in examinations and work. If you want to advance in your career, please buy yourself a jewelry or a toad money.


It is no coincidence that the toad image always appears with images of gold coins, coins or fortune-telling. Legend has it that Coc is a goblin who is going to release money to poor people everywhere. Cot can release money from the body to the human. So it is considered as the mascot of fortune.


But to do that you have to place the frogs in place so that the mouth has to be directed into the can be placed under the cabinet, under the table or in the safe. If you do the opposite, fortune will go out.




Every feng shui fighter has the ability to fight off evil spirits and the impact of bad energy from the outside. The money hook is the same, it is a high level lovers, so the sound or air can not be normal gas can not affect it. Therefore it is able to protect peace and create positive energy for human life.



The ancients used to have the word "thich cinnamon" to refer to the Thiem Ngu (toad money) with the moon. And people also call Moon Yue (moon moon) is Supply. Therefore, Thần Thừ is considered a symbol of love and happiness.

What feng shui statue means
The buffalo has long been associated with durability, gentle virtue, strong symbol of good health, good enough. The buffalo of the 12 plankton is the Ox, in the scheme of the Eight Trigrams, which is the goat, the landlord, bringing prosperity and sustainability.
A view of the charcoal fishes weighing 200 tons sprayed water in Da Nang
A 200-tonne dragon carp weighing nearly 200 tons has just been installed on the East bank of the Han River (Danang City) every day attracting thousands of visitors to visit and enjoy.
Three famous temples of the same name in a city
In Da Nang, there are three pagodas called Linh Ung, located at Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na and Ngu Hanh Son peaks, forming an interesting spiritual triangle. The visit to Linh Ung Pagoda is a chance for you. Find the calm moments in mind when the opportunity to Da Nang.